Peer Support Meetings in Worcester, MA

Share your stories. Listen to others with lived experiences. Heal.

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Join us for Peer Support Meetings in Worcester

Includes meetings at Kiva Center and Other Locations in Worcester

The Kiva Centers are pleased to offer a variety of peer support meetings in Worcester where groups can gather in a safe, non-judgmental space to share their experiences and stories relating to their trauma, mental health, or substance use experiences.

Contact us today at (508) 751-9600 for more information about our programs.


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Meeting Descriptions (Alphabetical Listing)

Peer Support Meetings:

Peer Support Meetings are an opportunity to share or listen to experiences and together we can provide help, hope and support to one another.


(Over the phone) Monday through Friday 12 Midnight, 12 Noon and 7 PM, Saturday at 12 Midnight & 7 PM and Sunday at 12 Midnight & 5 PM in English and Monday through Friday at 8 PM for our Latin Community, conference call (508) 556-4226


Addictions Let’s Talk: “Recovery is about progression not perfection”. join us in this group to support each other on our journey to wellness and understanding of ourselves and our addictions.

Breaking Cycles: In this group we examine the dynamics of our lived experiences, and the roles we play that influences them; thus, we reclaim our power of choice, thereby, rediscovering ourselves as the major change agents in our lives.

Building the Life You Want: This support group takes a look at where you want to go/ goals/ dreams and then discuss what we can do to support that path. From making lists to learning communication skills to just believing in yourself. We can work together to create the life you want for yourself.

Coffee and Conversation: This is a support group to just sit and discuss anything you may need support with now. A place to feel safe and be supported.

Community Gathering: The perfect time to come together as a community to discuss and make decisions as a community in the direction we take and groups we create.

Coping with Anger: This group is to support those with experience in anger either having anger issues or been victimized by it. Here you can come together with peers whom you can share and be supported with and by.

Creative Virtual Art with Ari or Elyse: A time to relax and bring out your artistic side. Learn different styles from cartooning to landscape. And enjoy conversation while supporting each other.

Feel the Music: This is a group where we pick inspirational songs, listen to them and discuss how they make us feel. Music can be a strong tool for mental health and coping with emotions. Here we can share how it supports us.

Hearing Voices and Alternate Realities: This support group is for those who hear voices and/or experience reality in different ways. We are a charter group created by the Western Ma RLC. We are non-judgmental and we are not mandated reporters. You are safe here to speak freely in an open and caring atmosphere and be supported in your experiences.

Intro to Writing with Sara: A space to Read, Write and Study various Writing Skills together.

Living with Loss: This group provides an opportunity to share and listen to experiences about loss. Together we can support one another with help and hope in the grieving process.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Spend some time relaxing with some meditation and mindfulness learning to breath and relax in a group setting.

Morning Meditation with Lindsey: A good way to start your day with some mindful meditation and relax with good company.

Peers Connect: This group is a chance to see where we as peers can find ways to connect and help support each other on our journey to health and wellness.

Peer Support for Peer Supporters: This is a group for Peer Support workers looking for a place to get support for themselves. At times this field of work can be stressful and feel heavy, here we can support each other in a safe space with other Peers who understand.

Peer Support for the Latin Community: This is a support group for our Latin Family to be able to support each other and be comfortable speaking in their native tongue.

Spirituality and Wellness: This is a group to explore how your Spirituality supports your Wellness and finding your balance in this.

Suicide Peer Support Group: This group is a safe space where people with similar experiences get together to talk about all the alternatives, we have surrounding the topic of suicide, in a non-clinical and non-judgmental space.

The Power of Gratitude: This group focuses on how having a grateful outlook can strengthen your mental health and help you find gratitude in your everyday life.

The Power of Positivity: This group looks towards changing your perspective and looking at situations in a positive light. Support each other and working through things that could look negative but turned into a positive.

Navigating Trauma in a Safe Space:
Trauma looks different for everyone, but we all know we can’t ignore it. Join us in supporting each other through this journey of navigating our trauma.

Yoga and Tai Chi with Lindsey: A great way to exercise and relax with community members.

Zumba with Andrei: An excellent way to exercise, build up your energy, dance and generally have fun while enjoying each other in the Kiva Community.









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