Peer Bridging

Transitioning and advocacy support.

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Peer Bridging

Learn about Peer Bridging services for individuals entering into or transitioning out of psychiatric facilities. 

Many of us have experienced the confusion and overwhelming feeling of isolation when returning home after a stay in a psychiatric hospital. Peer Bridgers are here to support in the transition back into the community . 

What is Peer Bridging?

Peer Bridging provides and cultivates hope for people in psychiatric facilities. Using their own lived experience, the Bridger supports others with transitioning back into the community and connecting with the essential resources desired. The Peer Bridger provides advocacy when requested and provides individual support to any person within the hospital who requests the service. They not only support you while your in the hospital, but will continue the support after discharge from the hospital. This service is available upon request in different hospitals and at the Kiva Center.

There is no cost and no insurance is required.

What Types of Support do Peer Bridgers Provide?

Support provided by Peer Bridgers (aka Community Bridgers) will vary from person to person and are intended to provide valuable assistance to individuals entering a psychiatric hospital or those transitioning out of a facility and back into the community. Some examples of support include but aren’t limited to:

  • Information about your rights as an inpatient
  • Help and advocacy for getting your voice heard 
  • Offering emotional support or transporation assistance to meetings and/or appointments
  • Identifying next steps based on your current situation
  • Helping with paperwork, bill paying, applying for food stamps and other services
  • Identifying local resources to help your transistion 

Need a Peer Bridger?

If you or someone you know within the Central Massachusetts area have questions, or would like to connect with the Peer Bridger Service, please contact us at 508-751-9600.