Massachusetts Recovery Resources

MA Recovery Resources

Trauma-Informed Recovery Resources in Massachusetts

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Recovery Resources in Massachusetts

Learn about recovery resources in Massachusetts and beyond for individuals coping with trauma, mental illness, and substance addictions 

Interview with Dr. Rob Anda, co-author of the Centers for Disease Control, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study.

ACEs Information and Resources

Adverse Child Experiences (ACEs)

Learn about the damaging effects of childhood abuse and neglect and ways to prevent these traumatizing events. 

CDC, Violence Prevention and ACEs
ACEs Connection

 Massachusetts Resources

MA Community Resources

 Additional Resources 

There are ways to help minimize the stress related to heightened levels of anxiety and negative feelings that many of us struggle with. Learn how to find hope by understanding the concept of peace through forgiveness.


Pat Deegan, PhD and Associates


PLEASE NOTE:  These resources and any others within the Kiva Centers website are not intended as a recommendation of any of the websites or services listed, but are provided for informational purposes only. These resource listings intentionally focus more on alternatives to medical model approaches and ways of thinking, not because we are against more familiar and medical perspectives and approaches but because we are aware that many people aren’t provided the opportunity to explore alternatives. Often, information on less standard approaches can be very difficult to find. Ultimately, we support people in their efforts to be fully informed and to choose the path that is best for them.